Rules and Regulations

Firing-Line Indoor Shooting Range Rules

Range Rules

  • All firearms brought into the building must be unloaded and encased in a gun case/bag/box/etc… NO holstered weapons allowed [Law enforcement exempt]. If firearm is not in a case or container, action must be locked open.
  • All firearms and ammunition will be inspected by range officers.
  • No holstered weapons are allowed on the range.
  • No steel jacket or steel core ammunition – No semi-jacketed ammunition. All ammunition must be full metal jacket or lead. No Wolf, WPA or Tula ammunition allowed.
  • No center fire rifles. No rifle caliber handguns. No black powder.
  • Handle all weapons, magazines and ammunition in booth only, not at the viewing window.
  • The muzzle must be pointed down range at all times –  shooters must load and unload the firearms while keeping the muzzle down range.
  • Do not bring any loaded or jammed weapons off the range for any reason. If there is a problem, lay the gun in the booth and notify range officer.
  • No rapid-fire permitted. Allow at least one second between shots.
  • Open one door at a time when entering or leaving the range.
  • Rental guns must be used with Firing-Line copper-plated reloaded ammunition only.
  • Firing-Line reloaded brass is the property of Firing-Line Ranges and will not be allowed to leave the range. Please sweep all brass forward.
  • Never go beyond the firing line.
  • No eating, drinking, or smoking allowed on the range.


  • Always treat the firearm as if it is loaded.
  • Always point the firearm in a safe direction.
  • Always keep your finger off of the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.
  • Always keep the firearm unloaded unless actively shooting.
  • Always be sure of your target and what’s behind it.
  • Always wear eye/ear protection when shooting a firearm.
  • Do not handle firearms while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • No pregnant women allowed on the range for the baby’s safety.
  • If you are a felon, you are not permitted on the range for any reason nor may you be in possession of a firearm under Federal Law.

No Rapid Fire, No Double Tap
Always Wear Eye/Ear Protection

Have fun and, as always, be safe!