CCW Qualification courses

Los Angeles and Ventura County CCW classes are only available at our Burbank location.

Orange County and Utah State CCW classes are only available at our Huntington Beach Location.

* CCW Course payment does not guarantee you will pass the qualification test.

You are expected to be able to safely and proficiently shoot and handle your firearm(s) before taking the ccw class, this is not a basic shooting course.

Burbank CCW qualifications are provided by Scott with LACCW.  Scott is a former police officer, technical advisor for the entertainment industry, and has been an outstanding CCW instructor for over a decade.  Scott is a fully certified CA DOJ CCW instructor, recognized by Los Angeles and Ventura County Sheriff’s departments (listed as APEX Training) and all issuing agencies located within those counties.

Initial qualification classes are $400, renewals $200, each additional gun $25 (initial or renewal).  Classes are generally split between Class “A” (initial qualifications first 8 hours or complete requal course with shooting) and Class “B” (final 8 hours with shooting needed for initial qualifications.)  You may need to register an account with our booking site.  Walk ins are welcome, but Class A is limited to 24 students, and Class B is limited to 14.  

Huntington Beach qualifications are provided by Jim with  Jim has been a security guard and firearms instructor for well over 20 years.  Huntington Beach classes are only for Orange County and Utah CCWs.  Please email Jim at for more information.

  • Class attendees over the age of 21 must have a valid photo ID.
  • Must bring the firearms (DROSed in your name) you want to put on your permit (LA county permits are generally limited to 3, but check with your issuing agency.)
  • Any modifications to firearms must abide by local, state and federal laws.
  • You will need 72 rounds for the first gun, and 20 rounds for each additional gun (no hollowpoint, softpoint, or magnetic jacketed bullets will be allowed.)  Ammunition is available for purchase from the range, however you will not be able to take any extra ammunition out of the building.   If you have a gun chambered in a less common cartridge (.25 auto, .32 auto, .30 super carry etc.) please call the range ahead of time to check stock.