Range Fees

Daily Session Rates

$28 for the first shooter
+ $14 for each additional shooter on the same lane

FREE Eye/Ear protection available to all range users!

All rates are per visit.
A visit is defined as the time between when you arrive at the range until we close at 10:00 pm.

No open-toed shoes, No tank tops or low-cut shirts (for safety purposes).

*Minors must be accompanied by Parent or Legal Guardian.

Gun Rentals

$10 per handgun
$10 per rifle

All rentals must be fired with our ammunition – no exceptions.

*Shooters must demonstrate safe/proper gun handling in order to rent our firearms.

**In order to rent a handgun from us, you must be at least 21 years old.

***In order to rent a firearm, you must be in a party of two (2) or more guests [Members exempt].

We have a varied selection of targets for sale – including official competition-grade match targets, silhouette targets, and tennis balls.

We also have a Pro Shop which is stocked with firearm essentials every gun owners need.