The FIRING-LINE was founded in 1977, providing the first indoor shooting ranges available in Los Angeles and Orange counties. We provide the public with a place to learn proper firearms safety and handling in a relaxed yet disciplined and professional environment at affordable prices. We operate three state-of-the-art, safe, indoor shooting ranges in Huntington Beach, Burbank, and Northridge, California. Each location is staffed by professionals and designed as both shooting and training ranges.

When you walk into a FIRING-LINE facility, you are in the safest, most modern indoor shooting ranges available. They are equipped with:

  • Fully automated target shooting positions
  • Steel-lined safety booths
  • Individually controlled target retrieval system
  • Temperature-controlled ventilation system
  • Video-equipped classrooms
  • And fully stocked pro shops.
outdoor gun range

FIRING-LINE offers a broad range of services including:

  • Safe, indoor 50-foot ranges open every
    day until 10 PM
  • Fully stocked pro shop with a wide variety
    of cleaning and shooting supplies
  • Safety equipment provided for all shooters
  • Shoot all handgun calibers through .44 Magnum
  • Handgun and rifle rentals (Many calibers, brands
    and models available)
  • Sales of factory and CAL-AMMO remanufactured
  • Firearm safety and shooting instruction for the public
  • Security Guard and CCW training
broad range services

NOTE: Children under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by an experienced parent or guardian in order to be able to shoot at any of our ranges.